In early 2007, I got a call to see if I'd like about a day of work designing robot-creatures. How could I honestly say no? Turns out it was for a director in Europe who was putting together a proposal for a Nissan commercial. The idea was that these sort of sensor-type robots would transform out of the wheel wells, and run alongside the car. There was a whole series of these transforming Nissan commercials in Europe (never seen one here). So I worked and came up with these twenty-something quirky designs. They began as insectoid-crustaceans and as they evolved they took on more traits of greyhounds and pumas.

Ultimately, the director and I couldn't seem to get on the same page. Nissan went with some other design. Oh well. I got these cool robots out of the deal, and I hope to be able to utilize them someday.














Robot Operator Manuals 2008 Simeon Wilkins