I did this comic way back in my Grad School days, using the same techniques I used in my prints- lots of mixed media. I still think its a great story, and one I would love to redraw. I did start the second issue, but kind of left it to sit when I moved out to LA.

The rest of the story involved Dean meeting the man who built the machine, and learning his reasons for wanting Dean to be able to see the astronauts. Basically, the strange men Dean has been seeing are a global infestation of AI, who have perfect understanding of logic and scientific principal- but lack the creative means to discover and evolve. Their methods to advance themselves have caused a great many brilliant human minds years of torture, and the scientists want out. Seems Dean is very important to their plans of freedom. Well, if not Dean, then someone very close to him....














Robot Operator Manuals 2008 Simeon Wilkins