This was a nice little job that I squeezed in between Ms. Marvel reshoots and Blue Beetle. I had done some pitch boards with director Meg Gamez a few years

earlier, so it wasn't hard to get back into a nice, quick work flow. Meg was taking off as a music video and commercial director and this was for a Becky G video that doubled

as a promotional piece for the Netflix series Money Heist. I didn't know anything about it, but the Dali mask was some really interesting iconography.

I do like boarding out the story beats of music videos, but I tend to check out when I have to draw people dancing. I'm no choreographer, and I know someone is going

to show up and do the dancing right.

I only just realized this, but this is my 2nd time drawing Becky- I had no idea she was the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers!

Here's the link for the video:

Bella Ciao- Becky G











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