This was the big one, the fun one. As soon at director Cat McKenzie told me I'd be designing a fight sequence in the middle of a roller rink, I flashed right back to my childhood

spent at Roller King in Kingston, PA. I already knew every inch of the space, even without reference photos, and was eager to dive in. Oddly enough, Cat didn't know much about roller rinks- I guess they're not too

prevalent in Australia. So she gave me a lot of freedom to invent gags for the fight- which is pretty rare these days, as, generally, a big fight like that is left up to the stunt preformers and 2nd Unit.

I still need to watch the final scene to see exactly what stuck, but I really hope the skeeball beatdowns made it!

I also learned that D'Onofrio's Kingpin might be my absolute favorite MCU character to draw. He's just so HUGE!

More to come once I watch it all!











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