I was just finishing up on a show that I wasn't particularly happy on, and was eager to get into some fun visual boarding. Something like The Haunted Mansion

was just what I needed. Director Junstin Simien had a definite vision for how to approach the storytelling, and I got to have some fun messing around with

some of the classic ride elements. As happens more often than not, there were a number of changes made to the story after I finished my time on the show. When

reshoots came around, I was already entrenched on another show, so the entire third act of the film is all new to me! Fun fact- when I was working on the

boards, Father Kent and Bruce were originally envisioned as being portrayed by Channing Tatum and Bill Murray. The boards kind of reflect that.


Sad to say that none of the Storyboard Artists were given credit, which is a pretty crappy oversight.






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