Another very special project for me. I had been aware that a Ms Marvel series was on its way, and, even though I had done a few episodes of WandaVision, I never thought that I would get to draw Kamala Khan- because I really wanted to. So it was such a nice surprise to get the call just as things were picking up work-wise after months off for the pandemic shutdown. It seemed like a very complicated story to tell, with Kamala being Inhuman in the comics and them needing a new origin for a fan-favorite character. Once I started working with Adil and Bilall (the directors of episodes 1 and 6) and their DP, Robrecht, I knew we were doing something special. I even got to stay on and contribute boards to Episodes 4 and 5 for director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, where I got to go back in time and learn all about Partition and the origins of Pakistan. There were a lot of changes made as the episodes came together, so some of the sequences were moved around or incorporated into other scenes in other episodes.








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