I believe that I was just coming off a rather unproductive bout of reshoot boards for the Ms Marvel show and wasn't entirely sure what was next. I enjoy time off as

much as the next artist, but, after a couple of weeks, I'm usually insane with boredom and eager to get back into storytelling as soon as possible. That's when Blue Beetle

reached out.

I knew I was really only brought in to help director Angel Manuel Soto out with one particular scene- The Carapax Suit test. I was always more of a Marvel comic reader than

DC, but I was aware of Blue Beetle- but the Ted Kord version. I didn't really know Jaime at all and had never heard of Carapax. So, rather than feel like I was only drawing

more IP, it felt like something original- there was no existing baggage and I could come at the story fresh. We went through multiple iterations of the scene, and it eventually got

chopped down into a much tighter form. As of right now, I haven't seen the finished film, so I don't know how much, if any, of my work stayed in the film.

That said, Angel and I got along great, really liked the collab, and I ended up staying on the show longer than expected, jumping onto other scenes.










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