Here is a sampling of the kind of work that kept me busy for two and a half years on Monster House. Next

time you watch the film, see if you can spot some of it.










This is just about everything we could stuff into DJ's house. Anything in the film that had to be written or drawn by DJ. was actually done by me....and it's not hard to bring out the twelve year old in me. Above you'll see DJ's note's on Nebbercracker, all of his Post-it notes, some of the Polaroids that he took of the House. I also drew the posters that adorn DJ's walls, and his goofy drawings of city-stomping Zombies (now wouldn't THAT make a great movie). There's the Map of DJ's plan to put the House to sleep as well as the marker he used to draw it. Lastly are the LP's Zee was to rifle through before popping in the Skull & Bones cassette. The Lp's were never used, oh well.



I also did a bit of 2-D design elsewhere in the town of Mayville. I came up with the over-the-top billboard that the Backhoe smashes through, and numerous labels and wrappers for the candy Jenny is trying to sell. I drew all the postery bits at the Pizza Freek, including the Gamezone sign, Out of Order signs for all the other arcade games, Skull's rules of gameplay for Thou Art Dead, his "magic" quarter, and a flyer for a Live Skull & Bones concert (which was based on a drawing by Gil). I re-did alot of designs started by other artists. Gil wanted everything to have a hand-drawn look to them. Bone's whiskey bottle label (taken out of the movie) and the Cold medicine are examples of this.You can see the simple Flash animation I did for Chowder's videogame- which I called "Blasterpong". It's basically Pong, but you have laser guns and can shoot away your opponent's paddle. There is also a large sampling of the Line Art I was asked to do for the film's Style Guide. Some of it was used in the Monster House children's books.












Robot Operator Manuals ©2008 Simeon Wilkins