Strange episode for me. I did a lot of the Partition action early on, and I'm guessing that the team didn't quite know how the Clandestines fit into it all. So, in these versions, Aisha is fighting off a whole mob, and Kamala saves her. I do like, in the final version, how they streamlined everything and brought everyone together within the chaotic backdrop of history.

When I came back to draw some early reshoot boards, I was asked to pitch an action packed opening for the episode. This was about Najma and Aisha stealing the bangle back from British soldiers, just as the Red Daggers were trying to do the same. I did a few super rough takes, the final of which you can see below. None of it was used, and the bangle scene was cut down to Aisha and Najma looking through treasure while the set fell apart around them. Must have been a timing thing. The whole scene was also moved to an earlier episode. Still, this was a fun couple of weeks, coming up with action beats.










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